Course on Thai Spiritual Rituals

Thai spiritual rituals are full of mystical and enigmatic. They had benefited many foreigners in terms of enhancing wealth, attraction and avoidance of danger through the rituals and consecrated objects.

Usually, Thai spiritual rituals and mantras are not easily impart to foreigners. Due to language barrier, many find it difficult to obtain comprehensive knowledge on these subjects. In the recent years, some self proclaimed masters who cannot even speak Thai had boasted that they had learnt directly from various Thai masters.  How can one get to learn from a native Thai teacher when they cannot even speak their language?

If you are interested to learn Thai spiritual rituals but had yet to find someone who can guide you, we will be conducting courses (individual and group) on the following topics:

1. Thai spiritual rituals (enhancement of luck, attraction, golden tongue, warding off of lawsuits, removal of black magic etc);

2. Thai mantras for attraction, luck enhancement, warding off danger, prevention of thief, blessing of consecrated objects etc

3. Drawing of basic Thai talisman characters (Kom writing) and mantras to chant and activate the characters

Interested parties can contact us by email for inquiries and full course details. Courses can be conducted in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese or Teochew.





如果您一直对神秘的泰式法科感兴趣而求师无门,欢迎您和我们联系。我们将开办泰式法科课程(个人或群体), 课程内容包括:

1. 泰国法科仪式(改运,补运,人缘和合,金舌,化官非,解降等);

2. 泰国经文当中包括人缘,招财,避险,避贼,收惊,开光等经文;

3. 基本泰式符头(柬文)的画法和书画各类泰国符头的经文。