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Luang Po Jarun (Phra Debsinghapuracariya) from Wat Ampawan in Sing Buri Province is one of the most well known monk in Thailand on imparting of Vipassana Meditation.

He was born on August 15, 1928 in Tambol Muangmoo, Amphur Mueng, Sing Buri province. He was the fifth of ten children born to his mother, Jerm and father, Pae Janyaraks. Luang Po Jarun was ordained on 15 July 1948 at Wat Prom Buri, in Singhburi Province, with Chao Khun Promnagaracariya as preceptor and Phra Khru Thavornviriyakhun of Wat Buddharama as kammavacariya, chanter of the ceremony.

His Education path on the study of Dharma and Meditation are as follow:

1949: Second grade of Nak-dham Dhamma Examination

1950: Studied meditation with Phra Kru Nivasdhammakhan (Luang Phor Derm) at Nong Pho, Nakhon Sawan Province

1951: Studied meditation with Luang Phor Lee and Chao Khun Ariyagunadhara in Khoon Kaen Province

1954: Studied and practiced insight meditation with Phra Rajsiddhimuni (Chodok Yannasith) at Wat Mahadhat, Bangkok

1955: Studied Abhidhamma with Ajarn Tejin (a Burmese monk) at Wat Rakang, Thonburi Over the years, he was conferred various positions and titles such as:

1957: Acting Abbot, Wat Ambavana, Ban Paeng Sub-District, Phrom Buri District, Singh Buri Province

1958: Conferred the title Phra Khru Palat 1968: Confered the title Phra Khru Bhavanavisuddhi, and appointed as Abbot of Wat Ambavana

1975: Appointed Ecclesiatical Head of Phrom Buri District, Singh Buri

1988: Conferred the title Phra Bhavanavisuddhiguna

1992: Conferred the title Phra Rajsuddhinanamongkol

1999: Appointed Ecclesiastical Head of Singh Buri Province

2001: Conferred the title Phra Debsinghapuracariya

2016: Passed away peacefully on 25 Jan 2016 at 8.37 a.m in Siriraj Hospital (Bangkok)

Venerable PhraRajsuddhinanmongkol (Jaran Thitadhammo) took on the position of acting Abbot of War Ambhavan in B.E. 2500 (1957), and has steadily conducted a program of devel­opments and improvements, both internally and externally, bringing the monastery to greater and greater prosperity. He was given the title Phra Rajsuddhinanmongkol in honor of the celebrations of Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on August, 12, 1992. His life and works are objects of faith and inspiration for people everywhere. To know more of Luang Po Jarun and stories on karma effects, you can read his series of “The Law of Karma” many of the volumes had already been translated to English.

Law of Karma1 Law of Karma 4


If you are keen to learn Vipassana meditaion, you can also contact Wat Ampawan at Ampur Prom Buri, Sing Buri Province (To get there, you just need to go to Mor Chit 2 Bus Terminal near Chatuchak in Bangkok, take the bus to Sing Buri and tell the bus driver you want to alight at Wat Ampawan. He will inform you when they reached the main road along Asia Highway around 130 km road marker) Luang Po Jarun seldom consecrated amulets as he wants his devotees to practice on meditation instead. However, the temple did came out with a number (though not many) of batches for fund raising and other purposes.

Below are the pics of me visiting Luang Po Jarun for the first time in 1988 for the Loy Krathong (Water Floating Lantern Festival). During that time, the kuti building he was staying had not been rebuilt.

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When Luang Po Jarun visited Singapore for the first time in April 1991, I went to receive him at the airport. Luang Po also took time to come to my house which I felt much appreciate even till today.

LP Jarun 5

LP Jarun house

Some of my collections of amulets of Luang Po Jarun.  As Luang Po rarely consecrated amulets for 'sale'at the temple counter, most were given directly from Luang Po after making significant amount of donations or from other close disciples whom made regular donations to upkeep the temple grounds.




If you are interested to own consecrated objects from Luang Po Jarun, feel free to contact us at: spiritualthai888@gmail.com

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