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Luang Po (Venerable Father) Prom is the first master that I went through the acceptance of student ceremony; in short, he is my first master/spiritual teacher.

Not many young amulet collectors might have heard of him but he was one of the famous monks during the early 90s.  However, before he reached a high level of popularity in Malaysia or Singapore, he passed away in early 1991.

I visited him in December 1990, a few weeks after the completion of my GCE ‘O’ Levels exam.  4 trips were made to his temple during my 10 days stay in Thailand with a friend of my dad.  During the first visit, I asked if Luang Po if he could take me as his disciple.  He agreed and followed on to pick an ‘auspicious date’ for me to come for the special arranged ‘Wai Kru’ (Praying to teachers and all former linkage instructors/teachers) ceremony.

During the day, boiled pig heads and other fruits used for offerings were prepared and I had to chant certain verses led by another senior monk.

Luang Po himself also gave me a Gao Yort (9 Buddha Tops) and Singha (Thai Lion) talisman tattoo on my back by oil.  Though the oil tattoo faded away in a few days, the experience was a pleasant one and remained in my heart till today. (if you are using the infomration here to 'sell' the amulet of Luang Po Prom, kindly ensure that you use part of your sales proceeds to do merits and transfer to Luang Po Prom)

At that time, I could not speak a single word of Thai.  I wanted to speak to Luang Po but I had to do it through my dad’s friend.  Then I determined to learn the language so that at least I can speak to him personally during my future visits.

However, one month after I came back to Singapore, Luang Po passed away.  Today, I can converse in Thai fluently after going through various courses and frequent conversations.  I can speak to tons of people in Thai but I cannot speak to Luang Po Prom anymore.  If you have plans to do something, start early before it is too late so that you will not live with any regrets.

Here is an introduction of Luang Po Prom which I translated with the help of my friend from the book on his biography.  This is a little thing that I can do as one of his last few disciples.

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The biography of Luang Po Prom, Wat Kanon Neur, Ayutthaya Province
(Note: The above Luang Po Prom is different from Luang Po Prom of Wat Chongkae)

His Birth and Childhood

Luang Po Prom was born on Saturday 20 Oct 2456.  He was the second child among his 8 other siblings.  During his birth, an astrologer who was invited to foretell his future mentioned that he was a child with good merits and will grow up to become a key person with high regards in religion fields.

He was given the name Prom.  During his childhood, his interests seemed to be different from that of other children at his age.  He learnt about magical writings and rituals from his father, Mr. Suwan who has been through monkhood and learnt under Lang Po Kan (2415-2486) of Wat Nok Gra Jaap.  Luang Po Kan also brought Mr. Suwan to see and learn from Luang Po Suk, Wat Makam Tao.  Mr. Suwan’s expertise included spells of Kong Ka Pan (invincible), Maha Ut (great ability to stop danger or misfortune), Bang Kap Pee (suppress ghost), removal of black magic and Thai astrology. (if you are using the infomration here to 'sell' the amulet of Luang Po Prom, kindly ensure that you use part of your sales proceeds to do merits and transfer to Luang Po Prom www.spiritualthai.com)


Mr. Suwan was introduced to Lang Po Kan by Abbot Saeng who was one of his preceptors.  At that time, Lang Po Kan was only 25 years older than Mr. Suwan but Lang Po Suk was already more than 50 years his senior. (if you are using the infomration here to 'sell' the amulet of Luang Po Prom, kindly ensure that you use part of your sales proceeds to do merits and transfer to Luang Po Prom)

 As a child, Luang Po Prom had a strong sense of responsibility and obeyed to whatever his parents asked him to do.  He also had strong compassionate towards animals.  At the age of 15 years old, he already started to make some consecrated objects using herbs to give to a few of his friends.  The consecrated objects happened to be proven to be effective when a fight took place between his friends and another group of boys at a temple fair.  There were no injuries on the body of the boys wearing the herb balls despite being stabbed by sharp objects.

During that time, robbers were also common and there was a group of notorious robbers known as “Tiger Gang”. This group of robbers are said to possess ‘invincible’ talisman which normal weapons cannot harmed them.  There were not enough law enforcers to stop this group of notorious robbers at that time.  Then, news of this group of robbers approaching their village soon spread.  The villagers decided to appoint Luang Po Prom as the leader to protect their village with his skills in magical formulas.  Eventually, the robbers cancelled their plan when they heard that they will be facing the young boy with great ‘magical powers’.

Luang Po Prom lives a normal life but he continues to practice magic with his father Mr. Suwan.  At the age of 20, he had the intention to join the army but was sent to work as an apprentice at the railway station by his father.

He was well like by his superiors and elders at work but eventually he decided to abort the life in a city and returned to his hometown.

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He entered monkhood on 6 March 2479 at the age of 23 years old in Wat Kanon Neur.  By then, he already had a handful of devotees and believers as he was already well known for his magical and miracle acts.  The donations he received were all used to restore the temple which was quite run-down at that time.  The abbot at Wat Kanon Neur then was Arjan Chum.  He encouraged Luang Po Prom to go out to learn other skills or magical arts without having to worry for his commitments to the temple chores.

Luang Po Prom stayed in Wat Kanon Neur for a few Phansa (seasons) before his father suggested to him to go and learn from Luang Po Kan at Watt Nok Grap Jaap as he was also an ex-disciple in that temple.

Luang Po Kan taught the art of using rope to make effective talisman and making talisman using cloth and knots.  Each day, Luang Po Prom only studied for a few hours and he devoted the rest of the time to help temple duties and practice meditation.

After some constant practice, he left Luang Po Kan to go to Saraburi province to seek knowledge from Luang Po Am, Wat Ngee Ngam who is well-known for his Wicca Khom (ancient Khmer magic) and mind reading techniques on human and animals.  Luang Po Am was also well verse in all kinds of medical herbs.  He taught the knowledge to Luang Po Prom as he told him that it is useful for a monk to possess medical knowledge on herbs especially during Tudong (walking pilgrimage)

One day, Luang Po Am decided to teach the skill of alchemy to Luang Po Prom.  He let him hold a crowbar which weighed about 10 kg.  After that, he took him to a pond within the temple compound.  Luang Po Am told Luang Po Prom that everything in this world is make of a single or combination of elements.  If one’s concentration in meditation is high, one can unite or break up the elements by: change heavy to light, change hot to cold or change liquid form to solid form and vice-versa.

Luang Po Am then tied more weights to the crowbar and recited the leverage katha (mantra), after which he threw the crowbar into the pond.  The crowbar sank immediately but just after a while it floated onto the surface.  Luang Po Prom was delighted to see this phenomenon.  Luang Po Am explained to Luang Po Prom that he was ready to receive this knowledge.  He added that nothing is permanent and things can changed from one state to another in just a short time.  It wasn’t long before Luang Po Prom mastered this skill.

Luang Po Am also taught the skill of ‘haste walking’ to Luang Po Prom.  He explained this is a useful and essential especially in ancient time where transportation was a problem.  It will also assist monks who go into Tudong to reach their destinations at a shorter time.  After that, he encouraged Luang Po Prom to go for Tudong so that he can mediate in the forest to achieve another level of meditation skill.

Luang Po Prom then went on for Tudong with 6 other monks to the Northern part of Thailand.  They travelled all the way to Buriram and back to Nakorn Nayok province.  Other stories were mentioned on his journey including how he found Lek Lai as well as how he read a villager’s mind on his intention to test his level of achievements by poisoning the food offered to him.

Creating Sacred Objects

The first batch of sacred objects consecrated by Luang Po Prom was in year 2494.  It was mainly for devotees whom participated in the merit-making ceremony.  Later batches of his consecrated objects consist of a series of images of Narai, Hanuman (Monkey Deity) and Singha (lion) style.

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Experiences on wearing his consecrated objects

There are many miracle stories on the wearers of his consecrated objects especially on Kong Ka Pan (Invincible) and avoidance of danger.

Among the more popular ones were Rian (coin pendant) Narai, Rian with image of Hanuman Goes to War, Rian Yant Kao Yort or Yant Kru (only 60 pieces were made from 5 rounds of mould pouring). (if you are using the infomration here to 'sell' the amulet of Luang Po Prom, kindly ensure that you use part of your sales proceeds to do merits and transfer to Luang Po Prom www.spiritualthai.com)

Luang Po Prom learnt about the methods of worshiping and consecrating Narai amulets from his father with also knowledge from Abbot Saeng on ancient weapon Yant.  Most of the miracle stories come from the batch of year 2509 Narai.

In one of the stories, it was about a boat man named Tai who made a living by being a river taxi boatman.  One night in year 2511, he picked up 3 able-bodied men who he had not seen before among his handful of regular customers.  Halfway through the journey, the men wanted to rob him of his valuables and his boat.  He was fired 3 gun shots before he escaped by jumping into the water.

The next day, Tai was found floating on the water with his face facing down into the water by a woman doing her morning cooking at her house along the river side. After pulling him up from the river, the rescuers thought he was already dead.  But after a close exam, they found that he was still alive with no visible injuries at all.  They wanted to know what ‘good stuff’ he was wearing and it was a year 2509 Narai Rian made by Luang Po Prom.  Words of the effectiveness of Luang Po Prom’s amulets soon passed around.  It not only helps the wearer to escape from calamity but also allow him to stay alive even when being submerged in water for a long time.

Another real story of the 2509 Narai Rian involved a boy who looked after calf and cows. One day while he was out with his calf, there was a sudden thunder storm and lightning strike the boy.  The incident occurred as the boy was in the open and he was having a belt with a metal buckle.  When villagers rushed to retrieve the boy, they saw his metal buckle melted but there were no visible injuries on the boy.
There are still many other stories surrounding his other batches of consecrated objects.  Anyone who owns one of his amulets is consider to have a treasure in his/her life.  Luang Po Prom consecrated his amulets with concentration meditation methods just like that of Luang Po Toh (Wat Pradoo Chimpee), Luang Po Doo (Wat Sakae) and Luang Po Jong. ((if you are using the infomration here to 'sell' the amulet of Luang Po Prom, kindly ensure that you use part of your sales proceeds to do merits and transfer to Luang Po Prom www.spiritualthai.com)

He passed away on 27 January 2534.  His body is still in a glass coffin in Wat Kanon Neur without being cremated after all these years.  Till date, there are still many of the miracle stories on his consecrated objects that helped devotees to bring in wealth and wearers especially children to escape from harm or danger.


About Spiritual Tattoo by Luang Po Prom

Luang Po had mentioned before that there are two main significant differences for his spiritual tattoo as compared to other tattoo masters.

(1) People whom had spiritual tattoo from Luang Po Prom will not experience trancing unlike some wearers of spiritual tattoo who may go into trance during prayer events.  For the spiritual tattoo applied by Luang Po Prom, the wearer may instead experience goosebumps during the time of danger when they chant the mantra that was being taught by Luang Po on their respective spiritual tattoo.  For those with oil tattoo, they may see the shape of their spiritual tattoo protruding out at the area where they received their spiritual tattoo in oil (tattoo marks usually disappeared after a few days if tattoo by oil).

(2) Luang Po did not restrict any type of food or actions as he believed that any one with a kind heart and follows the teaching of Buddha, the effects of the spiritual tattoo will not be wore off by consuming the forbidden type of food.

Luang Po usually tattooed Gao Yort (9 Buddha Tops), Singha and/or Phra Narai for devotees as he was well versed in the secret magical drawings relating to Singha and Phra Narai (can tell from his various batches of amulets that many come with Singha or Phra Narai yant of the back of the coin amulets).  For a devotee to receive other spiritual attoos, he had to start from receiving the Gao Yort tattoo first.

The version of Gao Yort yant by Luang Po Prom started with only 7 Yort (7 Buddha Top symbols).  The 7 Yort yant was said to make one quick temper but claimed to have invincible and bullet proof effects even by the police.  Many of the 7 Yort yant wearers were ultimately caught by the poilce after involved in fighting and ended up in jail.  Luang Po added two more Yort (symbol), one Na symbol and one Toll symbol to neutralise the effect of the original Gao Yort yant.  From then, he started to tattoo 9 Buddha Top symbols Gao Yort for devotees instead of 7 Yort.

All who wanted to receive spiritual tattoo from Luang Po Prom had to go through the Wai Kru (Praying to teachers and acceptance of disciples ceremony) by preparaing Pig Head, Pig Legs (front and back), Banana, Coconuts to offer to the teacher (Kru) before the spiritual tattoo can be proceed.


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Some of my collections of amulets of Luang Po Prom.  All amulets are taken from the temple or the temple helpers.


If you are using the infomration here to 'sell' the amulet of Luang Po Prom, kindly ensure that you use part of your sales proceeds to do merits and transfer to Luang Po Prom 


Others amulets made by his disciples after he passed away



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