Luang Po Saran, Wat Dong Noi

Luang Po Saran was born in Ampur Meung of Buriram province on 14 October 2490.  He was named Saran Neam Suriya and was the eighth among eleven brothers and sisters in the family.  His grandparents and parents travelled regularly to Cambodia for business purposes and he joined them in their travelling since the age of 2.  His father is of Chinese origin from Korat province and his mother is of Thai origin from Buriram province.

Luang Po Saran has a vast interest in Buddhism since during his young age.  He left his parents on three occasions to go for Tudong.  The first time he left his parents to join monkhood was when he was only twelve years old.  When he was fourteen years old, he went for Tudong in the forest with another monk for a period of six years.   Luang Po’s furthest Tudong stretched over to thousands of kilometers from Thailand all the way to the borders of China near Kunming city.

Learning of Khmer Occult Arts to Prove their Existence

Apart from Buddhism, Luang Po was also very interested in Khmer occult arts.  He wanted to know if such things did exist and if there is any way that modern science can explained them.  According to Luang Po, one not only had ot learn thing by hard but one must also prove the authenticity from what they had learnt from his teachers.  There was a Cambodia monk by the name of Luang Po Dam who was well verse in Khmer occult magic at that time and can answered any questions relating to this subject.  Luang Po Dam could also applied the methods of expelling evil spirits that possessed into one’s body.  Not only he was good in theories, where he was able to perform hisrelated occult magic for people to see.  During that time, there were many people who were interested in this subject then and some even sold their houses, land, cows etc to obtain the necessary resources to pursue such knowledge.  Upon they completed learning from their teachers, they were tested on what they have learnt.  Apart from Luang Po Dam, there was another layman practioner by the name of Arjan Pramod who was also well versed in Khmer occult magic.  Luang Po Saran likes to read much on this subject.  There were other old folks who allowed Luang Po Saran to read and recorded their magical formula books as they did not want the knowledge to be lost.  Luang Po Saran learnt almost all the occult magic that Luang Po Dam knew.

First Proof of Khmer Occult Magic

The occurrence on the proof of the existence of Khmer occult magic started when one day, a younger sister of Luang Po Saran had her hand pierced by the venomous spine of a catfish.  At that time, there were no medicine available and the wound was painful and caused the hand to swollen.  One of her friends suggested that she go to a layman occult practioner whom was said to be able to relieve such pains and could even remove fish bones stucked in someone’s throat.  The friend brought his sister along with Luang Po Saran to see the master.  The master used See Png (Bee wax) to apply around the wound area and chanted some mantras, after which he blew his breathe on the affected area.  To everyone’s surprise, the spine came off from the hand of Luang Po Saran’s sister.  Luang Po was taken by surprised and he asked the master whom he learnt from.  The master told him that it was Luang Po Dam (where Luang Po Saran later went to learn from him as mentioned in the previous paragraph) who taught him these occult magic and he continued to heal others in the presence of Luang Po Saran which Luang Po Saran’s interests grew further as he witnessed such occult magic performing miracles in front of him.

Luang Po Saran Learning Meditation

A few mediation masters had imparted the various methods of mediation to Luang Po Saran since his younger days.  One was Luang Po Put who was a monk that lived in a cave in Cambodia.  The cave was  said to be deep and filled with skeletons of the death where ordinary people dare not go near.  Another teacher was by the name of Luang Po Lom who was a forest monk.  When Luang Po Saran was a student in the temple, Luang Po Lom traveled to the temple once a year and he taught meditation skills to Luang Po Saran who had a strong interest in learning the various methods of meditations.

Secretary to Sanghalak (Chief Monk) in Cambodia

After being a novice monk, Luang Po Saran went into full ordination in Buddhist year 2504 in Wat Bo Rom Niwet in Cambodia.  He was the secretary to Somedej Phra Wannarat of Wat Po Wien who was later killed during the Khmer Rouge.  During then, even monks of high titles were not spared and Buddhism was said to been “vanished” in Cambodia for  a period of 3 years and 3 months.  At that time, many monks had to “disrobe” and escaped to Thailand or other parts of Vietnam. 

Coming to Thailand

During the Khmer Rouge, there were many refugees who escaped out from Phnom Penh.  Many were killed during the escape regardless of their age.  Luang Po Saran arrived back in Thailand by foot through the mountainous road over many days and he went into monkhood again in Wat Prasat, Ampur Meung in Buriram province.

Luang Po Saran had earlier passed Grade 4 to Grade 6 in Pali in Cambodia  When he arrived back in Thailand, he regained his studies in Pali in Wat Nong Peur in Buriram (the only temple school that taught Pali in Buriram province at that time).

Affiliation with Luang Po Thammarangsi

One of the most respected teachers of Luang Po Saran is the late Luang Po Thanmanrangsi of Wat Phra Putta Baat in Ampur Thatoom, Surin Province.  When Luang Po Saran was still a novice, he had once stayed in a Kuti (monk’s hut or residence in the temple ground) near to Luang Po Thanmanrangsi and had heard about Luang Po Thanmanrangsi’s expertise in meditation as well as Khmer occult magic.  During one occasion, Luang Po Thanmanrangsi was tasked to go into the jungle to negotiate with the communists hiding inside, to persuade them to surrender themselves to the government.  However, there were no much news on Luang Po Thanmanrangsi after that and some people thought that he was killed in the jungles or could have been caught.  It was only after Luang Po Saran’s arrival in Wat Dong Noi that a disciple told him about a famous monk named  Luang Po Thanmanrangsi in Issan region which Luang Po Saran went to pay a visit and realized that it was the monk whom he already got to know when he was still a novice.

The writer's visit to Luang Po Thammarangsi on 3 March 2006 and was given two lockets by Luang Po, one being Setti (Wealthy Person) and Luang Po used a marker to draw yant personally on the back of these two lockets



Vippasana Meditation

Besides learning meditation method from Luang Po Thanmanrangsi, Luang Po Saran also went to learn from Luang Poo Man, Luang Po Faan (Wat Pa Udom Sompng in Sakorn Nakorn Province).  He had learnt to meditate on the various methods of meditation including reciting the words “Samma Arahan” and “Buddho”.

In B.E. 2514 (A.D 1971), Luang Po Saran travelled to other parts of Thailand including Lamphun  Province to learn from Kruba Promajak and Luang Po Waen of Wat Don Mae Pang in Chiang Mai.

Coming to Wat Dong Noi in Lop Buri Province

Luang Po Saran continued to tudong and reached Wat Dong Noi in Lop Buri.  At that time, the area around Wat Dong Noi was dangerous.  It was infested with thieves and robbers as well as a number of black magic practitioners.  Luang Po Saran was determined to help the villagers and turn the village into a better place to live.  He knew that one of the ways to improve the village is through education.  Thus Luang Po Saran worked to gain the trust of the villagers and at a later time, a school within the compound of Wat Dong Noi was built which it stands until today.

In B.E. 2520 (A.D 1977), Luang Po Saran was appointed as the caretaker of Wat Dong Noi.  During B.E. 2522 (A.D 1979), there was a villager who was hexed by black magic and it was Luang Po Saran whom used what he had learnt to dispel the black magic.  After that, the temple became more well known and more devotees came to make offerings and donations.

In B.E. 2524 (A.D 1981), Luang Po Saran became the abbot of Wat Dong Noi.  He managed to raise funds and expanded the area of the temple land by another 14 rai where he began to build main chanting hall, ceremonial halls, monks’ living quarters etc.


Beginning on the making of Amulets

Luang Po Saran usually consecrates his amulets by himself alone.  Some of his well-known amulets are Takrut Tone, Takrut Jakapak etc where are very demanding and only consecrates twice per year (Kao Pansa and Wai Kru day).  Sometimes, they were all be taken by devotes (through the form of donations) in less than 10 minutes upon the completion of the consecration ceremony.  When Luang Po Saran first arrived in Wat Dong Noi, he knew that one way for him to get closer to devotees is to make effective amulets to help the villagers in times of danger and to prevent black magic.

The village of Dong Noi used to be the poorest among all villages in Ampur Meung Lop Buri when Luang Po Saran first arrived.  At first, Luang Po Saran was reluctant to make a lot of amulets as he did not want his devotees to commit wrong doings relating to that of amulet making.  However, wearing of amulets is very popular in Thailand and the issuing of amulets is a way to raise funds and make a temple well known.  With the funds given to the temple to obtain the amulets in return, it is also a way that allows devotees to make merits.

As mentioned by Luang Po Saran, an amulet is effective if:

1)      It has gone through proper rites and rituals of consecration

2)      The wearer needs to know what are the wrong deeds that should not be committed, have faith in their linkage masters and be mindful on what they do.

3)      The devas will take care and help those who follow the basic precepts.  A strong mindfulness and meditation power is enough to invoke the power and effectiveness of amulets.  If we yearn to learn and follow the symbols of Khmer writings, mantras to enhance the power of our amulets,  the basic is still to learn meditation and prostrate to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Opinions on Amulet Making

Luang Po Saran does not want to elaborate much on this area to avoid conflicts with other amulet makers.  When Luang Po Saran was a novice monk, he wanted to know if the formulas and mantras written in manuals are effective.  He came to realize that mind and meditative power are two important components to make such formulas work.  He ever used meditative power to expel evil spirits that possessed one’s body.  As mentioned by Luang Po Saran, if we have strong mind and meditative power, using of simple mantra such as ‘Namo Tassa…’ alone can expel evil spirits in one’s body.  With a strong mind and meditative power, one can also open a lock without using keys.

There was one occasion where staff of a business organization attended the Khatin ceremony in Luang Po Saran’s temple.  They brought along a big wooden clock to present to Luang Po Saran and the clock was initially placed outside the ordination hall.  However, it started to rain heavily and the devotees were afraid that the wooden clock will be damaged by the rain.  They wanted to open the door of the ordination hall to bring the clock in.  They were unable to find the key to the lock and a devotee asked Luang Po Saran if he had the key.  Luang Po Saran did not know where the key was.  He remembered that there was a mantra that he ever learnt for the purpose of opening locks but he could not recall the mantra at that point in time.  Luang Po Saran just held the lock and chanted “Namo Tassa…” inside his heart and the lock opened by itself.  Luang Po Saran explained that one’s mind and meditation power is enough to open the lock if one continue to practice them regularly.  With the practice of meditation, one will be mindful in the things they do.

For example, under a circumstance where two similar amulet of the same batch wore by two different person; one wearer was shot and one escaped firing.  Most of the time people would talk about the one that escaped firing but few talked on the one that was killed despite wearing the same amulet.  Many occasions,  people do not like to listen to the truth.  When one has accumulated merits in past and present life, most of the time they will be able to survive calamities (not fully related to the amulets that he is wearing). 

One should not neglect the triple Gems (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha).  Sometimes, people could not survive in accidents despite wearing many amulets, whereas some were not hurt in accidents even though they were not wearing any amulets.

Some cannot help themselves despite being Highly Educated

As taught by Luang Po Saran, we need not go far to seek the Dharma as it is already within oneself.  There are some who are not highly educated but they can feed and maintain a family well.  There are some who are highly educated even up to doctorates but were unable to keep a proper family and provide basic happiness to the family members.

People who have Dharma do not ‘take’ things that do not belong to them.  They are able to resolve problems by themselves.

Luang Po Malai & Luang Po Gaaysorn

One of the prominent features in Wat Dong Noi is that of a statue with two forest monks sitting on a horse.  The two monks are named Luang Po Malai and Luang Po Gaaysorn.  Legend said that Dong Noi village was founded by three hunters namely Ta, Sida and Tert who found a large area of high grounds and decided to build a village so that it will not be under the threat of floods and they can used water from a nearby lake for the plantations.

One day, the two forest monks, Luang Po Malai and Luang Po Gaaysorn came to stay in the village and they were always seen going around on a horse.  The two monks were very compassionate and helped the villagers a lot.  The villagers later built a shrine to honor the two monks.  Many had their wishes granted when they pray at the shrine of Luang Po Malai and Luang Po Gaaysorn.  The shrine used to be outside the temple but it was later enshrined in the temple grounds with a new name Wihan Malai Gaaysorn.

Every year, there will be two days that the villagers will make huge offerings to Luang Po Malai and Luang Po Gaaysorn, one day being in early Jan (no fixed date) and another being Vesak Day.  Till date, Luang Po Malai and Luang Po Gaaysorn had granted many wishes to devotees thus there is a saying in the village, ‘One don’t have to travel far to a sacred place to pray for their wishes, one can just look ahead and pray for what they want in Wihan Malai Gaaysorn.'

The statue of Luang Po Malai and Luang Po Gaaysorn in the temple compound

Major On-Going Projects

(1)    The Pagoda (branch of Wat Dong Noi) in Ampur Kok Samrong, Lop Buri Province

One of the on-going projects that Luang Po Saran undertakes is the building of a Pagoda in Kok Samrong District, Lop Buri Province which is around an hour drive from the main city of Lop Buri. 

Till date, the Pagoda is around 85% completed (as of mid 2016).  The Pagoda will have five storeys and will be a nine-spike Pagoda.  There will be a museum in the Pagoda itself.  Outside the Pagoda, there is a small Wihan that houses the images of famous monks in Thailand (already completed).  Total estimated costs for the whole project will be around 50 million baht.  It is believed that building of a Pagoda can allow not only the donor but also his/her decedents to gain huge merits.

When the Pagoda is completed, it will become an icon in that district and can bring about more prosperity to the surrounding villages when the number of visitors increases.

If you are interested to join in this merit making by contributing to the donation of this Pagoda building, please contact only Luang Po Saran at Wat Dong Noi directly.

Artist Impression of the Pagoda


The Pagoda during mid-stage of the construction


The Pagoda construction status as of mid 2016

The Wihan that houses the images of famous monks in Thailand



(2)    The 45m long Reclining Buddha

Luang Po Saran undertakes various building projects as well as looking after the daily operations of the temple and the school located in the temple grounds.  Apart from raising funds for the building of the Pagoda, a new 45m Reclining Buddha is now being build in the temple grounds of Wat Dong Noi (construction already started).

This huge reclining Buddha will serve as an icon in Ampur Meung Lop Buri when completed.  It will also bring about prosperity, good health and wealth to everyone in the province as well as all who come from elsewhere to join in this merit making.

There are 55 pillars available for donation in the hall below the Reclining Buddha.  The first storey of the Reclining Buddha Hall will be a museum.

The Reclining Buddha construction status during Feb 2016


The Reclining Buddha construction status as of Aug 2016 

(3)    Wat Dong Noi School

When Luang Po Saran first arrived in Dong Noi village, he knew that one of the ways to make the village and the surrounding areas prosperous is through education.  It will also reduced the crime rate as the village was infested with gangsters at that point in time.  Through education and the teachings of Buddhism,  many can turn over a new leaf and get into the right living hood.

Wat Dong Noi School (located just at the side of the temple) is currently under the private care of Wat Dong Noi and provides basic elementary school education to the children in the neighborhood.  Luang Po oversees a number of events relating to the building and maintenance of the school compound.  Many devotees also make regular contributions to upkeep the school including a Singaporean who donated a sum of funds a few years ago to revamp the whole school’s roof.  Some donated computers to allow the students to learn about new technology despite schooling in the rural areas.  Luang Po Saran also look after the special needs of students who come from single parent family to ensure that they have the financial means and capability to complete their education in Wat Dong Noi School.

At present, the school has around 190 students.

Wat Dong Noi School in present days

Some Miracle Stories on Amulets Consecrated by Luang Po Saran

There were many stories being told on the miracle powers of Luang Po Saran’s amulet and his spiritual practice abilities.  These stories were not related by Luang Po as he does not like to boost on his own level of practice.  They were being told and commonly know by many of his close disciples and some of the temple helpers.

 (1)    Removal of Hex for a lady from Saraburi Province

There was a well known black magic practioner in Saraburi who ever appeared in TV programme before (he was later sentenced to jail for offences relating to roasting of corpse and outrage of modesty).  He had once placed a hex on a lady and vowed that no other monks or spiritual masters could removed the hex.  Indeed many spiritual masters who tried to help the lady were not able to remove the hex and some even got themselves seriously ill due to backfire on trying to remove the hex.


Luang Po Saran took up the challenge after someone approached him to help the lady.  He performed ritual bathing of namo, together with traditional herbs for the lady to consume.  Upon a few sessions of the rituals, the lady vomited out many strange sticky like objects and the hex (which was claimed that no one can removed) was removed.



(2)    Retrieving a devotee from coma in ICU


There was a Myanmar lady who is also a permanent resident of Singapore.  One day, she met with a car accident in the wee hours when she was travelling with a few of her friends and relatives.  The car crashed on the road and she was threw out from her car.  It was in the wee hours in the morning on a very dark stretch of road.  When her friends tried to find her, they could not locate her on either side of the road or among the bushes.  She was only found in the morning after sunrise. 


She was seriously injured and the family arranged for her to fly back to Singapore in a special plane.  Upon reaching Singapore, she was still in comma and was admitted to ICU immediately.  There were no much signs of recovery and her family was very worried as she had not woke up from the comma after a few days.  On that Friday, Luang Po Saran happened to be in Singapore during that weekend.  He was invited to visit the patient in the hospital and prayed for her.  Luang Po Saran went to visit her and recite some prayers for her in the ICU room witnessed by her family members.


Miraculously, the lady woke up the next day and the doctors were surprised of her progress.  She continued to be treated and finally regained a full recovery.


(3)    Surviving a serious car accident with only minor injuries


This happened in July 2016 when a driver and his passenger met with an accident involving the car that they were driving and a inflammable liquid truck.  The car was beyond recognition.  Lucky the truck did not explore and the two disciples of Luang Po Saran only suffered minor injuries.  They were wearing the first batch of Luang Po Saran rian and the second batch of Luang Po Saran small statue.


While we are always caution when we drive, it is important that when unavoidable accident arises, the impact should be minimal or at least there should be no major injuries.


Photos of the accident scence and the disciple of Luang Po are shown below:

The accident scene and Luang Po Saran’s disciple suffered only minor injuries

The Making of Rian of Lersi Poo Cheevok and Medicine Buddha Ceremony in March 2016

The inauguration ceremony of the Rian of Lersi Poo Cheevok and Medicine Buddha took place from 18 March 2016 to 20 March 2016 with a series of other events such as insertion of gold takruts for devotees.  The main sponsor for the event and this batch of amulets is the Woon Brothers Foundation (Singapore), who has been supporting Luang Po Saran’s temple projects and important events since B.E. 2540 (A.D. 1997The event was attended by many overseas devotees from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Luang Po Saran had stressed on the importance of health, that health is the greatest wealth.  Without health, there is not much use no matter how financially well-off one is.  Even if one is financially equipped, his/her wealth may be wiped off in the event that serious health issues arise.

The rian has the image of Lersi Poo Cheevok in the front and that of Medicine Buddha at the back.  Lersi Poo Cheevok is the one of the great masters of traditional medicine and traditional method of healing as recorded in many texts. It was said that he was the medical doctor to Buddha during his lifetime.  At present, many hospitals and medical institutions in Thailand (including modern and traditional medicine) have the statues of Lersi Poo Cheevok being worshipped in their premises.

Medicine Buddha also known as Bhaiṣajyaguru is commonly worshipped in Mahayana and Tibetan Sect Buddhism.  He is known to many as a Buddha that retrieves one’s suffering and protects one from illness, danger and sufferings.

This rian is believed to be able to bring good health, safety and prosperity to the wearer.  It was consecrated by Luang Po Saran who is well verse in the katha of healing (both physical and metal).  If you are interested to own one of the copper rians (See picture below), you can obtain from the temple at the donation amount of 150 baht. A total of 5,000 pieces were made to ensure that there are enough for devotees at present and in the near future.  No more stocks are available for silver,  gold and nine combined types of metals. 

If you are residing in Singapore, you can contact me to obtain the copper rian at the same temple price at 150 baht (collection at designated timing and outside designated MRT stations only).  All proceeds collected will be given back to Luang Po Saran to help in the temple projects.

The above article is translated from various sources as well as conversations with Luang Po Saran and other devotees.  If you are using part of the information for the promote the renting Luang Po Saran’s  amulets on your end, it will be good if you can contribute part of your sales proceeds to Wat Dong Noi to support existing and on-going projects.  Thank you!  Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

 Complied & Translated by Mr. & Mrs Ricardo Choo

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Some amulets of Luang Po Saran



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