Welcome to www.spiritualthai.com I have created this website to share some knowledge on spiritual consecrated items from Thailand which I have acquired over these years.

My first journey to Thailand started when I was 10 years old.  Following that, I have made more than 70 trips to this Kingdom of Smile over the past 30 over years and have travelled to more than 57 provinces.

The trips are mainly for visits to famous monks, temples or spiritual masters to obtain blessings, consecrated items or just to chat with them on their folklore specialties apart from their religion roles.

A number of such rituals or consecrated objects may seem contradicting with religion.  They tend to be more towards folklore beliefs.  Hence, if you are reading this website, please do it with an open mind.

As there are too much to write, here are some brief write-outs whereby some topics had been published into books.  If you are really for the journey, click on any of the links.


Ricardo Choo



Here are some of the terms in Thai which you may come across as you scroll through the articles in this website:

Luang Pi - Venerable Brother (polite way to address a younger Monk)
Luang Po – Venerable Father (polite way to address a monk, generally above 50 years old)
Luang Poo – Venerable Grandfather (polite way to address older monks generally around the age of our own grandfathers)
Arjan – Literally means Teacher/Master in Thai (Can be a polite way to address monks or other practioners)
Mae Chi – Venerable Sister (polite way to address a nun)
Yant/Acara - Holy scripts or symbols mostly written in Kom (ancient Khmer)

Terms used to describe various power and effects:

Maha -Great
Maha Lup -Great fortune
Maha Amnaj -Great authority and charismatic power respected and feared by others,
Maha Seneh-Opposite sex attraction
Metta Maha Niyom - Effect of loving-kindness, favournism
Kong Ka Pan - Invincibility