My Monkhood 我的短期出家

Just like many Thai men, I had chosen to go for short-term ordination in 2009 under the guidance of master Venerable Luang Po Num in Wat Bang Waet, Bangkok. Here are some of the pics on this joyous event.


The preparation: Temple helpers purchased rice noddles and other food ingredients for guests on that day. The temple surroundings were cleaned up a day before.


Monk 0 Monk 4

Thanks to my sponsors, I managed to get all new items to be used during my ordination including alm begging bowl, pillow, blanket, robe etc. May they always be happy and healthy! We also prepared gifts for the preceptors and rite masters on that day. Before one goes into the main chapel for ordination, he will have to 'leave behind' his possessions. It is done via throwing of coins for well wishers and others who came for the event. Aunt Daeng and her daughter helped me to wrap those coins in color papers to make them look more outstanding.


Monk 1 Monk 3

Monk 2

The head shaving ceremony isn't a painful one as I thought. But there goes my eyebrown too!


Monk 5 Monk 6

Our seniors will take turns to pour water over our head and shoulder to symbolise cleansing. As for the juniors, they will wash our feet for us. Uncle Tee from that neighbourhood also tagged in and ordained on the same day as me.


Monk 8 Monk 9

We engaged lion dance and acrobat performances to spice up the mood


Monk 10 Monk 11

Ready for the procession around the main hall of the temple. My two Singaporean friends flew in specially to attend this event.

Monk 12 Monk 13

Throwing of our possessions (the prepared coins). See how everyone rushed to get them.  These coins are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the one who managed to pick them up.


Monk 15Monk 16


Accepting our robes. Prepare to change to monk's robe.


Monk 17 Monk 18

Monk 19 Monk 20

Q&A time to see if you can passed the test to be a monk. After that, accepting of precepts, alms begging bowl, ceremonial fan etc


Monk 24Monk 21

Monk 22 Monk 23

Ceremony completed. Devotees and well wishers making merits.


Monk 25 Monk 27


With Venerable master Luang Po Num whom arranged the event for me. A big thank you!


Monk 28


Out for alms begging on the in the morning with senior monk Luang Pi Oo


Monk 29 Monk 30