Attractive Enhancement Ritual 增强人缘魅力仪式

The attractive ritual usually involved in pasting of gold foils on one’s face and forehead combining mantra and spiritual symbols drawn, so call the give the person who took part in the ritual to become more ‘attractive’.


It is also known as Na Nah Tong (Golden Face) Ritual in Thai.  Different monks or spiritual masters generally have their own way or mantra on this ritual.  Some uses up to 3,5,7, 9 or even more gold foils.  A lot of them combine with the Golden Tongue Bird Speech Enhancement Ritual (see other link).


For Thai monks performing such rituals, they are not allowed to come in contact with lady devotees and hence the pasting of gold foils are usually done by a helper.  In addition, the monks cannot rub the gold foils directly onto the forehead or face of lady devotees.  It is usually done by using a candle so that the hands of the monk need not come in direct contact with the skin of any lady devotees.  The monk may also draw the magical symbols on the gold foil paper and asks a helper to paste on lady devotees on his behalf.