Golden Tongue Bird Speech Enhancement Ritual 金舌鸟增强说服力仪式

It was said that “Salika” is a type of bird with a golden tongue residing in heaven. The callings of these birds are especially sweet.  “Ling” in Thai means tongue, and “Tong” means gold, so the ceremony actually is called “Salika Ling Tong” (Salika Bird with the Golden Tongue).


Not every Thai monk or spiritual master has acquired the knowledge for this ritual. For one to be able to perform such a ritual, he must be well-versed in the script and prayers of “Salika”.   Apart from the tongue, the gold foils are sometimes paste on the face, body, palms of the devotees as well.  Upon being involved in this ritual, there are usually small taboos to take note such as refrain from insulting or cursing others’ parents so as to keep the Salika tongue in power.


For a detail explanation on this ritual conducted by the late venerable Luang Po Pao, you can refer to the book The Spiritual and Voodoo World of Thailand

想知道更多有关此类增强说服力仪式的详细资讯(由已故大师龙波包进行),可参考笔者的著作 《泰国降头与巫术漫谈》

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