Bathing of Consecrated Water (Nam Mo) Ritual 冲”喃莫“圣水仪式

One of the commonly seen methods adopted by the Thai Buddhists to “enhance their luck” is to bathe in consecrated water in temples conducted by monks or spiritual masters. A lot of times, the consecrated water is specially prepared for devotees facing different problems.


While preparing for the bath, a male devotee would simply wrap a piece of cloth around his lower body while keeping his upper body naked. For female devotees, they would usually wrap the cloth around the top and bottom parts of the body. They are then seated in a row with their legs straight. Then the monk would conduct the ceremony by pouring the Nam Mo over their heads and bodies. For foreigners who may not be used to just wrapping cloth around their bodies, especially the ladies, they can choose to wear normal T-shirt and shorts to go through the ceremony.


Candles (Fire element and Earth Element)are commonly used in this ritual to create Nam Mo.  This ritual is also sometimes use for exorcising.


For a detail explanation on this ritual, you can refer to our book The Spiritual and Voodoo World of Thailand

想知道更多有关督造"喃莫“圣水的资讯,可参考笔者的著作 《泰国降头与巫术漫谈》