Bia Gae (Sea Shell) “比亚给”贝壳

Bia Gae (Sea Shell) offers protection to the wearer especially against spiritual disturbances.  It is also know to prevent black magic and is a symbol of wealth (since shells were common form of currencies in ancient times).  Such seashells usually contain mercury inside and the shells used to make such consecrated objects are selected carefully.  A good object to bring along for frequent travelers.  Some Bia Gae also brings attraction and authority power to the wearer as per the yant drawn on the Bia Gae.



For a more explanations on bia gae seashell and the process of selecting and making biae gae, you can refer to our book The Spiritual and Voodoo World of Thailand

想知道更多有关“比亚给”贝壳的资讯,包括督造者如何选择及督造过程,可参考笔者的著作 《泰国降头与巫术漫谈》


Below are some of my Bia Gae collections.  Apart from the one consecrated by the late Luang Po Perm of Wat Mangphra which is not embedded with mercury inside, the rest are embedded with mercury inside.  Many of the pieces I have treated them as an art in view of the nice hand painted pictures co-joining with yant drawn or engraved by the maker.






If you are interested to own a genuine Bia Gae consecrated by a qualified reputable master, feel free to contact us at:

若有意奉请名师所督造的“比亚给”贝壳圣物欢迎和我们联系。 电邮