Golden Needle Insertion Ritual 金针入体仪式

The ritual of inserting golden needles into one’s body could be traced to a monk named Venerable Luang Po Pinmalai.  It is believed to offer protection or other positive impacts to the receiver.  Some monks use this as a tool to encourage goodness by restricting the receivers to harm small animals, scold others’ parents etc.


The needles can be inserted into one’s body through the arms, forehead, chest, legs or other areas as deemed fit by the master who performed the ritual.  They will then remain in the body of the receiver.


Some masters can insert the needles freehand while others use a syringe to ‘push’ in the needles.


For a detail explanation on this ritual, you can refer to our book The Spiritual and Voodoo World of Thailand or view a short video clip on the insertion of needles

想知道更多有关此类金针入体的资讯,可参考笔者的著作 《泰国降头与巫术漫谈》 或观看金针入体仪式视频


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