Hoon Pa Yong (Substitute Body) 替身圣物“魂柏雍”

Hoon Pa Yong (“HPY”) is said to be able to bring it’s wearer luck and wealth. In addition, it can help the wearer block out danger and misfortune, acting as a ‘substitute body’.  Upon reducing the impact of the danger for its wearer, one is likely to see cracks or the HPY itself being broken into parts.


Hoon Pa Yong amulets consecrated by renown master Venerable Luang Po Sangya and Venerable Luang Po Chang come in various sizes from those that can be carried oneself to those that can be placed at home or offices.


For a more explanation on Hoon Pa Yong, you can refer to our book The Spiritual and Voodoo World of Thailand

想知道更多有关“魂柏雍”圣物的资讯,可参考笔者的著作 《泰国降头与巫术漫谈》